Sigma Lab Firsts

Here are the very first parts we ever printed in our brand new lab on our brand new MakerBot Replicator 2.
August, 2014

I think Dorsey and Carter were the first people to add a knob to a potentiometer.  They were also the first to use white LEDs and the first to add little rubber feet to the bottom of their project.  It’s the little things.
April 2015

Risa and Margaret are always figuring out new things to do in the Sigma Lab.  They were the first to use NinjaFlex flexible 3D printing filament.  Awesome.
April 2015

Chris and Austin and the rest of the BAE (BACON Aerospace Engineering) team 3D printed an airplane!
February 2015

These two knucleheads, Max and Sam, can’t help but come up with new ways to push the Sigma Lab.  Here, we see four firsts: 1) the plotting class Max wrote in Processing, 2) an Arduino connected to a remote control via Bluetooth, 3) a 12 V vacuum pump connected to a relay via Arduino, and 4) a record number of Hawaiian shirts.
May 2016

Our first uPrint is hooked up!
August 2014

Our 8th 3D printer is a Stratasys F170.
December 2017