Sigma Lab

Designed by BACON members, Dr. Shields, and Moseley architects, the lab is the embodiment of the creative process, encompassing more than 7,200 square feet. There are collaborative spaces with whiteboards and meeting tables. Adjacent to those are a computer lab for design and fabrication facilities, including 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters. There is also a Mechatronics room, dedicated to adding the smarts (microcontrollers, electronics, programming, etc.) to designs. The space is a tool for all students and teachers at CHS to turn their ideas, no matter how crazy, into reality. Entering from the main entrance, the space progresses from the Collaborative Space to the Computer Lab to the Printer Lab and then to the Machine Lab and Mechatronics Lab. There is also an office, a board room, a classroom, two project rooms and a kitchen.